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  • 1x V1P Portable Charging Case
  • 1x USB cable (200mm)
  • 1x V3i battery
  • 1x LED tip for the batteries
  • 5x Cartomisers
  • 5x mixed coloured bungs
  • 1x USB back up charger

If you would like a kit with 2 batteries, please see the V1P PCC Kit Pro (2 Batteries Included).


PCC model: Select the colour PCC you would like. Portable charging case - Available in white gloss, black gloss and graphite.

Flavour and strength: Select the flavour and strength of the cartomisers, the colour in brackets denotes the colour of the cartomiser (this is the 'filter' bit of the e-cigarette), so if you have white batteries a white cartomiser will look more realistic. 18mg is equivalent to a full strength cigarette, and 12mg is the equivalent of a light cigarette.

1st Battery colour/size: Select the colour of the battery you wish, a white battery will give a realistic look if used with the white cartomisers. There are 2 options for white, the rubber coated which feel and look nicer, and the non-rubber coated which are easier to keep clean. Either will work if you are looking for a realistic look. If you want your e-cigarette to be the same size as a normal cigarette select the 55mm length (150mah) battery, the 65mm will make the e-cigarette the size of a king-sized. With the 55mm and the 65mm the case will be able to store a full made up e-cigarette. With the 78mm it can store and charge a battery, but not store a full e-cigarette with a cartomiser connected. The larger the size of the battery the more charge it can hold.

Auto or manual batteries Auto switch batteries activate when you inhale and are the simplest option for new users. They operate at 3.7v and offer a smooth vape throughout the draw, simulating the experience of smoking a traditional cigarette. Auto batteries will automatically cut out after 6 seconds. Manual switch batteries activate when you press the button. To vape, simply press and hold the button and inhale. There is no automatic cutoff on the manual battery, simply release the button when you have reached the end of your inhale. Manual batteries operate at 4.2v and allow more control over vapour production.

2nd Battery colour/size: This is an optional second battery and essential if you smoke more than 15 a day, it's also very convenient even if you smoke less than this, so we advise getting a second battery.

Choose an alternative tip: The new V3i batteries have interchangeable tips, the batteries come with blue as the default colour, but you also get to select an alternative colour of tip, the yellow or orange tip will give a glow similar to a real cigarette. Other colours like pink are there for a bit of flare. Black and white will make the e-cigarette have a very solid look, if you want everything to match, but these 2 colours also dim the glow, and can be used to help when you want to use the e-cigarette discreetly.

Secondary USB charger (optional): This is an optional back up charger and essential if you plan on giving up, as it will allow you to charge your e-cigarette should you lose your case, or break your case. It's also handy to have in general. There is a standard option without a lead and a long lead option, which has a built in lead. The lead is 120mm.

Mains to USB adapter (optional): This is not essential if you're happy to use a PC USB port to charge your case, but again it is useful to have. It allows to use the back-up USB charger in the mains, or charge your PCC from the mains.

Included coloured bungs: Bungs are the mouth pieces that come in the cartomiser. The standard ones are transparent, these coloured ones are for customising the look of the cartomiser, or for marking a flavour. Our cartomisers can be refilled over and over again (normally around 10 times), so you may decide to refill one of your prefilled cartomisers marked as Tobacco with a different flavour or strength. These bungs are handy reminders so you can quickly tell which cartomiser has what flavour or strength in it.

Other useful notes: All our cartomisers can be refilled even the prefilled ones, so it's advisable to buy some e-liquid with your kit for refilling them. Each cartomiser can be refilled around 10 times, and it keeps the cost down (31p per fill roughly). See the video at the end on this listing for refilling it's very easy. Don't buy too much e-liquid until you are sure you like a flavour, as health and safety does not allow us to accept returns on it, a 10ml bottle is good to start with though.

Kit Contents: 1 x V1P PCC - The PCC is beautifully designed and suitable for most vapers. 1 x USB lead (for charging the PCC). 1 x Mixed bungs pack - these are for marking different flavours in cartomisers or customising the e-cigarette. 1 x Battery (choice of colour/size) (2nd optional battery) . Additional V3i coloured tips. 5 x Cartomisers or refills (choice of flavour and strength). 1 x Secondary USB charger (optional). 1 x USB to mains wall plug (optional). 1 x E-cigarette manual. 1 x Box.

PCC detailed specifications: Made from aluminium. Capacity - 1200mah. Charging slot - 85mm. Storage - 105mm. Charging time - 4-5 hours. Battery charging time - 2 hrs. Size - 110mm x 62mm x 16mm.

This PCC is one of the best looking PCCs available on the market, it has a slider action and a 1200mah capacity. The PCC will hold one full e-cigarette (with the 55mm or 65mm batteries) or 2 cartomisers while charging a battery. The PCC can charge a 78mm battery, but will not hold a full made up e-cigarette when using the 78mm batteries.

Thread/Connector 808
Type of User Light, Moderate, Heavy
PCC Included in kit Yes
PCC Model V1P
PCC Charging Capacity 1200mah
PCC Storage 1 x 82mm Battery charging slot plus 1 x 105mm storage slot (can also store a full e-cigarette with 62mm batteries and 35mm cart)
Kit Batteries 1 x Battery (choice of color and size) plus 1 x optional battery
Kit Cartomisers or Tanks 5 x Cartomisers (choice of strength and flavour)
Model V3/V3i - cigarette sized

We take the safety of the items we sell very seriously. All of our products are regulated, tested and audited to meet UK and EU standards. Shopping with JAC means, you have peace of mind, that the hardware or E-liquids you are purchasing have been independently tested and verified as safe for use. More information on our safety and quality controls.

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V1P PCC Kit (1x Battery incl)

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Including a V1P PCC (Portable Charging Case), this starter kit is a great looking kit perfect for those new to electronic cigarettes and vaping, and looking to make the switch from smoking.

We also recommend this kit to more advanced users looking for a compact, portable e-cigarette for out and about. A high performance, reliable e-cigarette, it's easy to see why it's one of our bestselling kits.

This kit contains everything you need to get vaping and can be customised to the look that you wish. You can choose battery size and colour, also whether you'd prefer a manual or auto. You can even change the colour of the battery LED and the colour of the carts to match your choice of batteries.

If you would prefer a kit with 2 batteries, we do offer the V1P Kit Pro.

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Customer Reviews

  • Refill Tip - by , 17 October 2014
    Not sure if this has been posted before, if so I apologise in advance. When refilling, place a wooden cocktail stick down the middle, fits nice & neat. As you fill up, the stick will block any liquid going down the cener hole. It can also be used to guide the juice & also allow more in, just leave the stick in till all juice has been absorbed. Only had this kit a day & love it, will do a longer review soon. All The Best Paul
  • Great starter kit, once you master your vaping technique! - by , 21 September 2014
    This is a review of the V1P kit as well as a first time vaper review so it’s a bit long…. I decided to move onto vaping from smoking for all of the reasons you can imagine: health, cost, smell…. I used to smoke 10-15 cigarettes per day and I have never managed to stop. Until now. After some research, I decided to go with JacVapour due to the Editor and User reviews. I chose the V1P kit because iot seemed simple to use and manage. And it really is. I am a first time vaper and a wee bit nervous around the jargon used but this kit is so simple. It comes with 5 carts (where the nicotine and flavour is stored), 1 battery (I bought a spare, which I would highly recommend), USB charger and a Portable Charging Case (PCC). This is ideal as it charges your batteries whilst you are out and about. As previous reviewers have mentioned, the PCC holds 2 batteries and 1 cart but would be ideal if it could hold an extra cart. Design wise, I chose the clack PCC and black rubber-coated vaping set. They look smart and subtle – not flashy at all. I specified the black tips for the end of the battery (the end lights up) and I mix and match depending upon my surroundings. They feel comfortable to use as they are not heavy or awkward to manoeuvre. Flavour – I chose the mint carts (18mg). I don’t find the flavour very strong. It’s not a criticism, more a surprise, as people who vape often talk about the power of flavour in their e-liquid. I am not really after the flavour so much as the vaping so it’s good for me. I recently purchased Cherry (Standard) and Raspberry (UK) eliquid and the cherry is a lot more flavoursome (overpowering in a tank but ideal in a cart) and the raspberry is just lovely and fully deserving of the praise it receives. You can refill the carts until they stop working and buy new blank carts for a little at £5ish for 5. Technology-wise, using the kit is very simple: charge the PCC via a USB cord provided, then charge the battery in the PCC, screw the cart to the battery and off you go! Some of the tech confused me (how do I know when it’s charged? etc) but after practice it becomes familiar. JacVapour have FAQs and a YouTube channel which many answer some tech questions (especially regarding filling with e-liquid and assembling kits). Longevity. I decided to vape for the same amount as I smoked: instead of 10-15 cigarettes per day (with 7ish inhalations) I have 10-15 vaping sessions per day (7ish inhalations). This works really well for me. Batteries last a full day, the carts actually spill into 2 days worth of use. I am not a heavy vaper so this may vary for you. Vapour and “hit”: well, I am not after vapour so much as the throat hit (which mimics the nicotine of cigarettes). However, the V1Ps provide decent vapour. Now that I have mastered the vaping technique (see below), the throat hit is spot on. The eliquid that you choose will influence your throat hit (again, the cherry is a bit too powerful for me) but with practice, you will find a flavour, nicotine level and vaping technique that works for you. Vaping. You may have noticed I call the contents of the kit vapers, not e-cigarettes and I refer to vaping not smoke. The reason for this is the “vaping experience” is NOT the same as smoking a cigarette – at all. And this is where many first timers may think it’s not for them. For my first 48 hours of vaping, I wasn’t’ “getting it”. I was smoking it like a cigarette (short, sharp inhale into the lungs then blowing out) and yet I was still missing cigarettes, feeling agitated and disappointed. I decided to do some online research at inhalation techniques. THIS changed everything. I really wish I had researched vaping techniques beforehand. The nicotine, when vaping, penetrates into the bloodstream through your gums and even nasal cavity, NOT your lungs. So, when vaping, you are supposed to take long, slow drags (lasting between 4-8 seconds), hold the vapour on your mouth, then blow out through your nose, and/or mouth – no need to inhale. For many people who have smoked, this is a very different technique. You can still inhale the vapour of you choose to, but the vaping process is still very different to smoking. That’s not to say that vaping does not help a person trying to quit smoking – it does! I have never ever managed to quit cigarettes until now. Vaping is a wonderful option to help a person quit smoking cigarettes but it is not a substitute, more an alternative. Having said all of that, I chose vaping as in comparison to other nicotine replacement items as it is the most closely related to smoking. I just want to see vaping manufactures provide some guidance about the vaping process versus smoking. I will attach links at the end of the post which explore vaping techniques further. I had a few queries and made contact with JacVapour. They responded quickly and helpfully, and the quality of their kit and customer service means that I highly recommend them. My only criticism is a need for more detailed instructions for brand new beginners to vaping. I think the lack of this is excluding a group of people who may be technophobic from vaping and that is a real shame. But that’s all – they have impressed me so much and this kit is just stunning. I have recently purchased the Vgo2 Auto 900mah Kit 2014 PRO – a tank kit with a bigger battery – to try at home and once I am a few weeks in, I will review this too! This kit deserves 5 stars as it has stopped me from smoking in an easy, stress-free way. Overall, a wonderful kit from a quality company. HOW TO VAPE – links: ........................JAC Vapour thanks for the review, for new users there is also a technique video on our youtube channel, as you have said it's long slow drags that work:
  • 1 year later - by , 4 September 2014
    I bought this starter kit 1 year ago and have to say it is money well spent. Compared to the amount that I previously spent on cigarettes, this starter kit really is a bargain. Not only has it helped me to quit smoking but it has also saved me money. Don't hesitate to give this starter kit a go!
  • costumer service - by , 2 September 2014
    Very good costumer service
  • Starter Kit / General - by , 25 August 2014
    The starter kits are wife uses the portable charger and, being in front of a PC all day, I use the USB charger. My wife hasn't touched a cigarette now since March around 18 months now! It's almost inconceivable compared to what we were like before and the cost savings are just embarrassing!! I wish I could have written a review on the JAC Vapour customer service alone, but I can't find the right place to do so. They go above and beyond what is expected from them and recently replaced some faulty products without any fact without even being asked!! You would have to look long and hard to find a company with such excellent customer service. The day to day service and delivery times etc are good too......No complaints!
  • great starter kit - by , 18 August 2014
    If you are only just starting to vape, or are thinking of starting. this kit is great. Its no to big, its simple and the charging case is great should you run short on battery and need to charge on the go. the battery has a good life. I wouldn't base the battery life on the first few hours you have it, because if you were like me and went crazy the first day, vaping all day then you will naturally use the battery faster. but once you calm down its great. this kit started it for me, im now 100% tobacco free, to the point where i dont like the taste or real tobacco any more. so its a good think this site had many other flavours!
  • Great - by , 16 July 2014
    Having used other bigger devices with alot longer lasting batterys and alot more juice capacity, i was very happy to find the experience and flavour from this device was alot better :) So soon ill be investing in a bigger battery. Would of given a 5* but capacity of PCC could of been better.
  • Fantastic! - by , 6 July 2014
    Having been a smoker of 20 a day for 40 odd years and trying everything to give up without success, I thought I'd try an ecig. Have tried at least 3 different types before finding Jacvapour, reading the excellent reviews thought Id order one (vip) WOW, at last something that works!!! Im on day 4, (so early days) and haven't had a real cigarette... may not seem long, but I have NEVER managed this before! Would recommend to anyone struggling to give up the one of these...its great! Easy to order and superfast delivery.
  • Excellent Kit - by , 19 June 2014
    After viewing the JACvapour site and reading the numerous reviews, I decided to order this kit. Arrived after 8 days (I live in Northern Italy) and can't say enough good things about this kit; quality made PCC case, stainless steal battery and stainless steel carts. Very good amount of vapour from Spearmint VG UK made e-liquid (even though these are small devices). Nothing available here in Italy comes close!!!!
  • Reliable! - by , 15 June 2014
    I bought this item around 8 months ago and I have had no problems whatsoever. A really reliable and sturdy kit, no hesitation in recommending.
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